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Where we are

Estate Agency Domizil is situated in Corso della Repubblica n° 50, in Bolsena, in the province of Viterbo.
Therefore Bolsena is in the Latium area. But only 6 km from the cityborder there is Umbria, Orvieto is 21 km away. Also the neighboorhood with Tuscany is immediate, 20 km towards North.

How to reach Bolsena:

  • by the S.S.Cassia, coming south from Rome (113 km) and north from Siena (112 km).
  • by the motorway A1, exit of Orvieto, and then following the Umbro-Casentinese Road (Orvietana) for about 20 km punto elenco.
  • by the highway Roma-Orte-Viterbo, exit of Viterbo, and following the Cassia Road for about 30 km
The nearest railway stations are in Orvieto (main-line) and in Viterbo.



P.Iva 02093700561 - Agenzia Immobiliare Domizil 2 - Bolsena Tel: (+39) 0761 798444 - e-mail: